Baby Ronda

Ronda was born September 16th, 1965 at 8:20 a.m. at Paradise Valley Hospital, San Diego, California. She was born at the same hospital and delivered by the very same Doctor as her mother. Born almost 2 months premature she began life with vigor and never stopped.

When I finally was able to take her home from the hospital it was obvious she was a happy, content baby and from the beginning slept through most of the nights. She knew when I entered the room and always had a smile for me. She was a happy child too. Kind, self-confident, always smiling, eyes always sparking. Always so full of love.



She loved dogs from the first time our Collie walked up to her crib. Her eyes lit up, she giggled and reach for a handful of hair. Never afraid – always wanting to touch and love any dog, cat, kitten, puppy. Her love for animals was there from the beginning and only grew stronger as she grew older. She could ride a horse almost before she could walk.

Ronda rode and showed horses from a very early age when her feet couldn't reach stirrups and it was all she could do to hold on. She was barrel racing, pole pending and doing numerous speed events by the time she was five and progressed into halter, western pleasure and her love, Hunter Under Saddle and Working Hunter. In 1983 she qualified her Quarter Horse Gelding, Clabber Toe for the AQHA World and the AQHA Youth World and took him in 1984 to compete in the AQHA Youth World in Hunter Hack and Working Hunter placing 12th out of nearly 200 entries in Working Hunter and 14th out of as many in Hunter Hack. She did all of the training on “Clabber” herself under the close guidance of two local trainers.

Ronda and "Clabber"

Ronda W.S.P. Trooper

From a very young age – 5 or 6, watching programs like Adam 12, all Ronda wanted for a career was Law Enforcement. She knew, without a doubt, what she wanted to do. As a teenager, she was her own person. She never touched drugs or alcohol. Ronda always said what she thought and stood up for what she believed in. You always knew where you stood with Ronda and she never deserted a friend – or an animal in need.

Her dream came true when she graduated from the Washington State Patrol Academy in early 1988 and began the career she had waited her whole life for as the youngest female hired by WSP to that date.

In 1989 Ronda married fellow WSP Trooper, Mark Liburdi and took on an instant family of 2 boys and a girl. Always wanting a child of her own she loved the roll of mother to her new stepchildren and gave 8 years of love and direction. Although Ronda had several miscarriages she was never able to have a child of her own.

Ronda and Mark

Ron & Ronda Reynolds

In 1995 Ronda made the choice to leave the WSP and go into Private Security work and in 1997 after discovering her husband was having an affair with the Real Estate agent that was handling his mother's house Ronda sought counseling with the elder of their church, Ron Reynolds. Ronda and Mark divorced in 1997 and Ron Reynolds, knowing Ronda's personal insecurities in her failed marriage began his plan of manipulation and control.

It wasn't long before Ronda moved in with Ron bringing with her all her furniture and household belongings to his empty house. Ron's wife and mother of his 5 children had just divorced him -- winning an award of well over $70,000.00 and Ronda was just what he needed to fill the role of mother to his remaining 3 boys and increase the household income. Broken hearted and vulnerable Ronda seemed an easy prey for his deception.

Ronda married Ron on January 2, 1998 and by September, 1998 Ron was having an affair with his ex-wife and his marriage to Ronda was headed for trouble. Ronda was realizing the type of person he was, his lies and deception were catching up with him.


Ronda with her Mom, Barb Thompson