Ring, riiinng! In my head I know the phone is ringing. I have to answer it but I can't seem to wake up. It rings three times -- two more rings before voice messaging picks up. Awake now, I frantically crawl across Skeeter's sleeping body and grab the phone. Why didn't he pick it up? It was right there next to him. He always hears it ring at night and he always has it answered by the second ring and he isn't even flinching!
"Hello?" I question as I pull the phone to my ear. "Hello?" There is nothing but the dial tone. How could that be? It only rang 3 times. I know I answered it before the 4th ring and voice messaging doesn't pick up until after the 5th ring.
Skeeter sat up in bed. "What are you doing?" he asked. I could tell he was irritated. "Why didn't you answer that?" I barked back.
"Answer what?" "The phone! Why didn't you answer the phone?"
"Because it didn't ring?" he answered teasingly. Now I was irritated! Skeeter was so easy going, kind and gentle and always so full of mischief! But how could he just brush it off so easily?



"It DID ring!” I replied angrily. “I heard it. It woke me up! Why didn't you answer it?"
"You're dreaming, the phone didn't ring."
"Yes, it did!. It woke me up, but all I got was the dial tone."
“Go back to your dreams, sweetheart." He said, giving me a 'that's all right' hug.
"Go back to your dreams he says." I muttered as I lay back down and look at the clock showing 1:42 AM. Who would have called at this hour?
I checked the answering machine just in case, but there is no message. Our children always leave messages but I know the phone rang, I heard it. I know I heard it. Skeeter rolled over and put his arm around me. "You're just on pins and needles, anxious to see Ronda tomorrow," he said. "Go back to sleep. I promise, if the phone rings, I will have it in my hot little hands before you can blink an eye open."
I snuggled against him, telling myself I must have been hearing things, and drifted back to sleep.


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