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Note from Barb Thompson:

These statements show that Deputy Holt may have changed his view on the crime scene -- even going to the extent to say that Ron Reynolds was "emotionally crying", after saying twice his demeanor was "somber".  He states that Ron made or received a call from Spokane, WA. which is false, as this call was supposedly made from me, which did not take place at all.  One of the most interesting parts of these statements is his reference to talking with Dick Steiner of the HITS Unit (Attorney General's Office).  The 3 member panel has stated they talked with no one.  One might come to the conclusion that Steiner talked with both Bishop and Holt and Holt was willing to agree to suicide and Bishop wasn't, therefore Neiser and Austin took Holt's taped statement and neglected to take a statement from Bishop.   Covering up?


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