AFTER over 13 gruelling years, JUSTICE FOR RONDA has become a possibility!

(KOMO NEWS LINK, 10/19/11)

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"Time heals all wounds in mice and men"... Time does heal most wounds. Most, but not all. No amount of time can heal the pain of a child taken under violent circumstances and the cause of death left unjustified.

This is about a beautiful 33 year old loving, compassionate, vivacious woman senselessly murdered in her sleep whoís main goal in life was to help make the world a better and safer place, to be a good person, wife and mother. A woman who, from the age of 5, knew she wanted to be in law enforcement and make a difference. A story of tragedy and a motherís battle against the uncontrolled corruption of small County politics.

There isnít a day that passes that I donít think of her and feel the pain and emptiness of losing my daughter, that I donít pray for and work towards Justice for Ronda.


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